Jerry Visiting CUMT

Funded by Wallenberg foundation “travel grants”

Jerry visits Advanced Analysis & Computation Center (AACC) in China University of Mining & Technology (CUMT) in 15th Aug. 2021 – 1st Sept. 2021.

During the study trip, Jerry visited the labs and facilities in Materials and Physics Department and the Advanced Analysis & Computation Center (AACC). Jerry noticed the difference of the booking system, operation protocol, and the safety regulations between Chinese universities and Swedish universities.

With the guidance of Prof. Peizhong Feng, Weining Xie, Xiaoping Cai, Yang Yu, Chengyi Xu, Jerry conducted experiments on the mechanical compression tests, and X-ray microtomography test.

Jerry attended the group weekly meetings and also giving a seminar entitled “Structured Ammonia Storage Materials for Selective Cataytic Reduction Systems” with in total 20 paticipants onsite and online.

Jerry appreciate the funding support from Wallenberg Foundation “Travel Grants” for supporting this trip.

News about Jerry’s visiting on Prof. Feng’s group page

31st Aug. 2021 Xuzhou, China

Zhejian Cao
Zhejian Cao

My research interests include 2D materials, semiconductor materials, and porous materials.